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Will it be possible to provide remote user bash shell access.


It's more like a query.

Will it be possible to provide remote user bash shell access?

I have remote user with administrator role but shell access of tmsh and I want bash(advanced shell) access to the user.

Will it be possible, if yes could someone please provide me info/link for the same.



No you can't do that, but you still can enter the advanced shell from tmsh by running bash (or run util bash)



You can use command 'run util bash'

refer below logging

admin@(ip-10-0-0-214)(cfg-sync Standalone)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# run util bash
[admin@ip-10-0-0-214:Active:Standalone] ~ #


@F5_SJ  was any of these replies the correct answer for you?

@boneyard Yes, I have checked the F5 kb articles and it seems that I can't provide bash as console access to remote user. However, I still looking for a way to run script via script management in big-iq with remote user.


Ah, there is specific situation where you run a script from BIG-IQ?

Can't the script first do that run util bash?

@boneyard Actually I am trying to use the script management option of Big-Iq for various purposes, checking pre and post upgrade stats, logs etc.

With admin local user, I can give terminal access as Advanced shell and run the scripts via Big-Iq to Big-Ip's but as per policy I have to keep it disabled. So, I was trying to modify remote user with terminal access as bash to run the scripts.

But as per F5 kb's and design seems it's not possible.

The direct access into advanced shell is not possible, that is clear.

I was suggesting, but can't check myself, don't have an active BIG-IQ. If it is possible to make a script that starts by running the command to get from TMSH to advanced shell.

run util bash

If you can make such a script it is no problem to start in TMSH.

@boneyard Sure, I'll give it a try, thanks!