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why client got "Please enable JavaScript to view the page content." page ?



I need your help ! 

our customer using ASM 

but client received page of "Please enable JavaScript to view the page content." when turn off javascript on client PC 

we don't using CSRF, ASM cookie, bot protection 


which ASM function send this page to client ? 


thank you! 


Hi @neeeewbie,

when you disable Javascript in the browser, the page says "Please enable JavaScript to view the page content."
Do I understand that correct?

In that case I would enable JS in the browser. Does the message change, if you access the page with or without ASM enabled?



I wonder which function sent this message to client 


thank you

I would try to verify in first place, whether this message is sent by the BIG-IP at all. I would be highly surprised.
My approach to analyse this issue would be to access the application:
a) direct, bypassing the BIG-IP
b) via BIG-IP without ANY ASM features assigned to the VS
c) via BIG-IP with ASM features enabled
Use Developer Tools in Browser for a, b and c. Compare. Look for error messages, 404, etc.
Use tcpdump on F5 for b and c. Use the p flag to capture client- and server-side. Compare.

My first guess would be, that maybe something is in the application that is preventing the JavaScript from beeing executed properly when the application is accessed via a reverse proxy.

thank you

Yes I already tried it

client does not received this message when disablr asm policy

even I take a pcap, it is not display which asm function sent message 

Then take a look at: K64034374: BIG-IP ASM unable to find Support ID in Event Logs when blocking page shows "Please enabl... 

Pay attention to "Recommended Actions
It is recommended that the user enable JavaScript for their browser client and disable any plug-ins which disable JavaScript."

If this doesn't help... I am out of ideas 🙂

Yes I agree 

it is solved when turn on the javascript on client pc 

thank you for your warm attention!!

If the K article has answered your question and your issue is resolved, please mark my answer as the solution to your question.

sorry.. I already checked this document

I  never enabled these options