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warning tmm3[11615]: 01260013:4: SSL Handshake failed for TCP


Hi Team ,


We have an SSL error message on F5 :  warning tmm3[11615]: 01260013:4: SSL Handshake failed for TCP (error from same single source )

We did not find any logs for VIP down or backend server down at the time of above SSL error message .

Can you please advice what could be the issue in this case .


VIP :433

Backend server listening on port 8040

SSL-client profile applied (only ssl offloading)



The peer closes the connection before the SSL handshake completes. For more information take tcpdump and see if any unusual behaviour

Hi Samir ,


This was one time issue between specified time , So except SSL handshake logs we do see any other abnormality .


When you say peer closes the connection , Do you mean F5 << >> Pool member connection ? , In this case also VIP and pool members where not down .

Its early to comments without seeing tcpdump. Did you capture tcpdump?

the incident happened on 29th and the issue reported to us today , so no tcpdump .


Open support case and let see the RCA