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[URGENT] - Need help on Irule for URL/URI redirect


We want all the request comming to from specific source to get redirected to and this should be logged . 





Can you please with the below Irule we can achieve this ? Or any modification is required for this .






if { ([IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals]) && ([HTTP::host] starts_with "") } {


log local0.


set newUri [string map {"/" "ckpartner/"} [HTTP::uri]]


HTTP::uri $newUri






You can try something like this:

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { ([HTTP::host] equals "") } { HTTP::redirect "" log local0. "Client IP [IP::client_addr] has been redirected" } }


Thanks Rodrigo ,


This Irule should only redirect when external users are trying to access the VIP , So we don't want this to impact the internal clients ...So we want to redirect only when we see request from specific external clients .

Then you can use a class match function along with a data group to define your external IP ranges you want redirected.


Something like this:

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { ([HTTP::host] equals "") and [class match [IP::client_addr] equals "specific_external_client_range_data_group"] } { HTTP::redirect "" log local0. "Client IP [IP::client_addr] has been redirected" } }

To create a data group you can use tmsh create /ltm data-group...


I'd also advise you to look into LTM policies as they might be more efficient.


Please, test it first 🙂

Thanks for your help ,


My requirement is currently working with below Irule but I would like to add Datagroup to below Irule so that I can filter more external IP's

Could you please help me modify this irule .

I tried but I got error "variable reference required preeciding $"





if {

                 ([IP::client_addr] contains "") && ([string tolower [HTTP::uri]] contains "/cklauncher/")





elseif { [string tolower [HTTP::path]] equals "/" && ( [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals]) } {

# redirect the request

log local0. "issuing redirect request to [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri] from [IP::client_addr]"

HTTP::redirect https://[getfield [HTTP::host] ":" 1]/ckpartner/