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Upgrade VM Hardware version 14 for the BIG-IP appliance 15.1


Hello everyone,


I need to check if it is possible and approved to upgrade VM Hardware to version 14 (ESXi 6.7) for the BIG-IP appliance Build 0.0.10.

By default, the BIG-IP appliance is configured with version 10 (ESXi 5.5). However, this is a very old version and prevents the use of new features of vSphere, such as the use of EVC mode by virtual machine.




There is a KB article that has also links to further information: K69120675: VMware virtual hardware support for BIG-IP VE

Thanks for the feedback.


I forgot to mention that I have knowledge about this KB.

So there must be some reason why BIG-IP uses such old versions of VM Hardware. Can you tell me where I can get this information?

Haha, yes, you should mentioned that you know this KB. Never mind.

I have no documentation that would explain why the OVA images are build to use such "old" versions of VM hardware, but my first guess is for backwards compatibility.