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Traffic Policy redirect


received a request to redirect traffic to other sites.

The request is if contains URI /sites/site1 then redirect to  That is a easy rule, but the there are a very large amount of subsites.  So trying to figure out how to do a wildcard match and then match it to the redirect URL to the same subsite.

for example:

https;// --->

in the Traffic policy would have a condition if URI contains /sites/* then redirect to the redirect site



@steven_normole I do not seem to be understanding the redirect requirement here. You have stated that if any request with the path of "/sites/site1" comes in that no matter the host field it should be redirected to "" which would also be included in your path that you are looking for. Can you please explain this in more detail or in another way because I do not believe you are explaining the request appropriately.


customer has a sharepoint site with hundreds of sites/subsites.

what they are looking for a one to one redirect to the new sites.  for the example --> -->

https;// --> --> https;//

.... continueing on with ........





@steven_normole It seems like you need to match on hostname rather than HTTP::path because your http path stays the same from source to destination URL. Based on the information you provided you should be able to match on Host with the match being "" and redirect to "" and keep the URI as is.