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Testing monitor fails if monitor exist?


I recently started working with F5 and tmsh, and I'm having problems with a monitor. 

 - The monitor and node are in the same partition.
 - The node is a fqdn node with 2 ephemeral ips (auto populate).
 - The monitor finds the URL Available, but the IPs are Offline. I already checked with curl and with nc the IPs (as described in and they respond 200 to the "Send String"

The only test I'm missing is the monitor configuration test ( and but both gives an exception: "The requested monitor instance ... already exists". 
Is this an F5 bug or i'm missing something? Are other ways to test and understand why the monitor is failing to recognize the IP is Available?  

Edit: The original problem was solved. The auto populate node gets a ICMP monitor by default, even when you are setting a HTTP monitor. Behind the node was kubernetes and it didn't have ping enabled, so it failed. You can change the type of monitor in the Properties tab of the fqdn node, using "Node Specific" in "Health Monitors"

The original problem is still unsolved. Why the test to check the configuration of the monitor fails with "The requested monitor instance ... already exists"?




Have you tried enabling Monitor Logging as detailed here - - what is the output of these logs

Also see if you do not have the same monitor name in the main partition:

I beleve that's impossible. If I try to create another monitor in another partition with the same name fails ("monitor already exists").
Anyways, that's not the problem. The tests shouls expect a monitor acording to documentation, but it fails bc it founds it

Better also check your version in the bug tracker and software release notes  if it is having a bug for FQDN nodes.


example release note:



The "The requested monitor instance ... already exists" could be cosmetic as or related to the issues