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Terraform F5 Provider Questions/Issues


Hi all. I have a few issues I am struggling on with the F5 terraform provider. Hoping someone one here may have some solutions.


1) When running terraform destroy, it is only deleting 1 of the 3 nodes it created. I have to manually delete the other two from within the f5 console.


2) Using the resource bigip_ltm_profile_client_ssl, how do I pass in options such as: No TLSv1.1, No SSLv2, No SSLv3, etc.?


3) Using the resource bigip_ltm_virtual_server, when I create a virtual server with ssl enabled I can pass in profiles such as /Common/tcp and /Common/http, but when i try to create a nonssl virtual server it will not let me pass that in. It sets the virtual server type to Performance (Layer 4) instead of Standard, the protocols do not get set to tcp and no http profile.