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Sync config in an Active/Active cluster.




I've an Active/Active cluster and for an unknown reason, I can't Sync the config.

When I do a change on one of the LTM , nothing happen.


I've created the "Device Group" and added the two device in, I've set it to "Manual with Full Sync".


Even after a change, the device status stay "In Sync".



This is the config of the device group (AWS VM, v14.1.2) :

cm device-group dg-Sync { devices { device1 { } device2 { } } full-load-on-sync true network-failover disabled }

If I activate the failover, the problem is not present. It's not possible to sync active/active cluster ?



  When you are making any changes on any of the node/unit, do you see those changes on the other node? I think you will as you said, it stays "in sync". It seems config is getting sync automatically. Can you please put snap for Device group config for both units?

One question here, why network-failover is in disabled state?



No, that's the problem, I don't see my change replicated.


And a

tail -f /var/log/ltm

doesn't show the traffic group message, like it does on my active/passive cluster.

The cluster device are set on the same NTP, so time is not an issue here.

Do you see any logs related to config sync under 'tail -f /var/log/ltm' ? Please see those logs which may give more clarity on this.


Also why you have Network Failover in disabled state?




Alternatively however, you can create a second traffic group and activate that traffic group on a peer device. In this active-active configuration, the devices each process traffic for a different application simultaneously WalgreensListens. If one of the devices in the device group goes offline, the traffic group that was active on that device fails over to a peer device.

You mean having some VIP on a traffic group and other VIP on another traffic group ?


Here, the need is to have active/active, because the traffic come from different place around the world, via BGP the same IP is announced on multiple link. Depending on your location (no, GTM/DNS is not a solution here), you'll hit one VIP or another.

As you already have ACTIVE-ACTIVE setup, you are having two traffic groups. One traffic group is active on one F5 node and 2nd group on other. So whatever is explained by @Shanley, it should be already configured in your setup.