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Statistics Collection stopped working after BIG-IQ upgrade to 7.1

We were updating BIG-IQ from 5.4 to 7.1 via 6.1 (direct update was not possible due to timeout issue with the DCDs). All our BIG-IP devices are running on We have a single BIG-IQ CM and a two node DCD-cluster.

The "Stats Last Collection Date" on BIQ-IQ shows "Jan 01, 1970 01:00:00(CET)" for all BIG-IP devices.

AVR module is provisioned on the devices and we also tried to fully remove the device and add with rediscover/reimport, but still the same behavior.

Any idea how to further troubleshot this or what's the reason for this?

Thank you!


Ciao Stefan πŸ™‚


Have you checked and followed this as there is only info how to migrate statistics ?:

Hi Nikoolayy1,

thanks for the link, but there they referring to a minimum of a three-node DCD-cluster.

We just have two DCD-nodes.

Do you have any experiences, if we missed the "Prepare statistics for upgrade" script?

From what I found out so far, it looks like, that since 13.1 BIG-IQ is not polling the statistics anymore, but the BIG-IP will push it via the AVR-module. Might this be a problem for FW-rules as the direction changes? I can't remember correctly anymore, but last Friday it looks like that there are just SYN-pakets on the BIG-IP devices towards the DCDs, which would confirm the FW-topic.

Or do you have maybe any other ideas, which logs I can check or which commands might provide useful output?

Thank you!


Ciao Stefan πŸ˜‰

For the BIg-IQ and the AVR module check :


The BIG-IP system now pushes statistics data to BIG-IQ DCD (




For the missing statistics check the article below (wait for 4 days before again triggering the script):


Bug ID 901625 (




Also check if DCD is also on version 7.1 as they may not have been upgraded automatically:


Bug ID 900625 (

It looks like we have the following two issues:

  1. There are no dedicated mgmt-routes towards the BIG-IQ and DCDs, therefor the DFGW of the tmm-interfaces will be used. This was not visible for us before, because with the older version the BIG-IQ itself was initiating the connections and response traffic was working due to auto-last-hop.
  2. After adding the mgmt-routes for one BIG-IP cluster (for testing) it was still not working due to missing FW-rules. As I mentioned before the direction changed and also we created only FW-rules between the BIG-IQ CM, but not for the DCDs before.

We are currently adjusting these issues and will report back once implemented.

Thank you!


Ciao Stefan πŸ™‚