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Space in /var on physical device


I have been trying to run a BIGIP upgrade and keep getting stuck at the final part of the install where it checks for space in /var. This seems to be when the config has been put into a ucs and it wants to extract it. We have symlinked /var/local/ucs to a different location but it still fails as it seems to check just /var. We have removed everything possible but cannot get it to a point where there is enough space to work.


What solutions is there for this problem on a physical device? As I understand it you can only resize /var on a VE.


Thanks in advance


Can you run this and see the top files of /var,

find /var/ -xdev -type f -exec du {} \; | sort -rn | head -10 

[root@DEVICE:Standby:In Sync] / # find /var/ -xdev -type f -exec du {} \; | sort -rn | head -10

54000   /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/

38436   /var/lib/rpm/Packages

32912   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/linux_policyserver.tar

30836   /var/local/pem/dtos/tacdb.bin

27992   /var/db/mcpdb.bin

27144   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/linux_oesisInspector.tar

20248   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/mac_policyserver.tar

16520   /var/apm/www/webtop/public/download/mac_oesisInspector.tar

16156   /var/lib/hsqldb/live-update/liveupdatedb.log

11136   /var/ts/var/sync/sync_1608564863_a8187e97ae17ce3321f97c3c57a2f7b1_full_update


The 1st file is 540 MB huge and /var/ts/ tells me its ASM related file. It could be the number of policies in your ASM. I dont think you can delete this. Other files are just in few MB's, deleting them wouldn't make any difference.


When a UCS files goes above 500MB it often causes issues. Well you can still control what can be tar'ed by editing the cs.dat files, but it would have its adverse effects equally. I wouldn't want to touch with ASM as its security related. Also try to untar the UCS file and see which files have been archived and taking huge space. Not everything in /var goes into UCS. The cs.dat file controls what goes into ucs. Hope this info helps.


Can you also share the liveinstall log file output for errors, this might give us direct hint on the failures. Does it indicate a specific error ?


I'd wait for other engineers to shed their inputs.

Thanks for the additional response. I've double checked the files and the ASM one is only 53mb

ls -lh /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/

-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 53M Jul 10 04:18 /var/ts/var/install/ts_db.save_dir_10714.cstmp/


I will take a look through the UCS file as tathat could shed some light on to why we're struggling


Thanks again.