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show active users in service (APM)


Good afternoon! How do I display all users who have been authorized through APM in the message box username? Like, how is it done in manage sessions?


The problem is as follows. Only one user should work in the service (VIP). I made a restriction in the access profile. Now any user who wants to log in should see that there is already one user in the system and his login should be displayed



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That's a really good question. The best place to see what information you have access to is 'sessiondump'. If you do sessiondump a83fes7 (or whatever you session id is) in the CLI while the session is active you will see all the session variables. If none of these store the username that is locking the access profile, then the only option I see is an irule to store it in the session table. But this really isn't desirable, so I think you should submit a ticket for an RFE (Feature Enhancement Request). I think it's a reasonable request.



There is no function like this built into APM.


It is possible to customise this feature into APM using the advanced customisation but it would require detailed knowledge of how F5 exports data to pull this information into a web page in a useful way.


The best option is to log a feature request with F5 to have it added in a meaningful way. However whether they do it usually up to the global customer demand for such a feature.