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sFlow doesn't export flowSampleType http




I have F5 BIG-IP LTM version 14.0.1 (Build 0.0.14). What I'm trying to do is to export my SLB VIP related statistics. It's referenced here in "sFlow HTTP Request sampling data types" paragraph. I configure basic sFlow collector settings in F5 GUI, run sflowtool and receive COUNTERSAMPLEs and FLOWSAMPLEs, but not with type of http. On HTTP Profile that is assigned to my SLB VIPs I have the following settings:

ltm profile http http-x-forward {    accept-xff disabled    app-service none    basic-auth-realm none    defaults-from http    encrypt-cookies none    enforcement {        known-methods { CONNECT DELETE GET HEAD LOCK OPTIONS POST PROPFIND PUT TRACE UNLOCK }        max-header-count 64        max-header-size 32768        max-requests 0        pipeline allow        truncated-redirects disabled        unknown-method allow    }    fallback-host none    fallback-status-codes none    header-erase none    header-insert none    hsts {        include-subdomains enabled        maximum-age 16070400        mode enabled        preload disabled    }    insert-xforwarded-for enabled    lws-separator none    lws-width 80    oneconnect-transformations enabled    proxy-type reverse    redirect-rewrite none    request-chunking preserve    response-chunking selective    response-headers-permitted none    server-agent-name BigIP    sflow {        poll-interval 0        poll-interval-global yes        sampling-rate 0        sampling-rate-global yes    }    via-request preserve    via-response preserve    xff-alternative-names none }


I need to gather HTTP related statistics from my TLS-enabled VIPs, but I don't receive proper sFlow samples from F5. What could be the problem?

Thank you.


  • Dima