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Release notes for BIGIP- - bug not listed


I don't see a way to request an update to the release notes without opening a case, is there a way? I don't see bug

746861-1 : SFP interfaces fail to come up on BIG-IP 2x00/4x00, usually when both SFP interfaces are populated★ Component: TMOS Symptoms: The SFP interfaces do not come up or flap up and down repeatedly on BIG-IP 2000/4000 on boot up when both SFP interfaces are populated. When interface flaps state changes such as those below are logged in ltm log: info pfmand[PID]: 01660009:6: Link: 2.1 is UP info pfmand[PID]: 01660009:6: Link: 2.1 is DOWN Conditions: Both SFP interfaces, 2.1 and 2.2, on BIG-IP 2000/4000 are populated. This is typically observed after an upgrade to an affected version. Impact: Traffic cannot be sent/received from these interfaces. Workaround: None.

Listed on the release notes, but pretty sure i hit it today, update to fixed the issue.


I think a support case is needed, or if you have one, mention it to your sales rep.