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r5900 SSLO L2 service abnormal


Hello,I exchanged the r5900 for the i5800 SSLO.When the r5900 came online,L2 service status is Down,and other pools status is normal.Now it's rolled back,L2 service is normal on i5800.

Now I use another r5900 to test.I cabling IN and OUT interface on sslo directly,and L2 service status is still abnormal.

Has anyone seen this kind of problem before?

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.



Better chase support as F5 rSeries support for SSLO is a new thing.


Other than that if the topology is Layer 2 with vwire maybe there is the issue as vwire needs to be added to the tenant in rSeries and it could still have some issues.


2.7. Creating Layer 2 Topologies (


Network Settings,Network Settings,Network Settings,Network Settings,Network Settings,Network Setting...



Also the SSLO migration is not great as maybe on 10.1(17.1) with snapshots it is the most easy but from a platform like iSeries to rSeries tenant better configure the topology from the start on the tenant.

Platform Migration and SSL Orchestrator (

Creating Snapshots,Creating Snapshots (