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Persistence profile


I had a Vs config with persistence profile 'session cookie' & round robin LB algorithm. last night i modified the persistence profile to cookie expiration 90 minutes & changed LB method from round robin to least connections(node) to have more efficient load balancing.

This morning people started to complaint that they are logged out at random times even while working (not idle). We tried the new browser & same thing happened. To resolve the issue i had to roll back the change immediately. And after rolling back everything started working normally. I am completely unable to understand what caused this issue. How setting the timer on cookie cause the issue? or changing LB method ?

Cam some one give me any idea what might have happened ?




With expiration set to 90 minutes the cookie will expire (so the persistency) after 90 minutes. Without a persistence record/cookie the BIG-IP will load balance the connection to 1 of your backend servers. If the user is lucky it will be the same server, if not you will get issues.


Why not use a session cookie (will be deleted when the browser is closed and least connection load balancing?






Before it was configured with session cookie & I changed it to 90 minutes. In the session cookie we are expereincing more uneven load balancing, Issues occured even if the user were active.