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OWA 2016 "Options" Button has no functions


Hey DevCentral,


we deployed iApp Exchange 2016. In the last days we changed the expiring Certificate for the Exchange VS. Now its valid again.


Since the change, the customers found out, that the "options"-button is not working anymore. If I click the "wheel" at the top right, the menu drops down but its not possible to click "Settings" or "Manage Add-Ins" for example.


I guess its an error in the URL-Redirection when changing to /options.

It's about this url:


Also it's manually not accessible. I get an white page adding this to the url (while logged in)



Same iApp, but different corporation works fine. Both running f5.microsoft_exchange_2016.v1.0.2 on same appliance.

The OWA where it's working, has also the "Offline Settings" when clicking the wheel. On the broken one there is no "Offline Settings".



Does anyone has an idea what could cause that problem? I dont think it has any connection with the change of the ssl-cert.

Appreciate any help!