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Optimize access to GIS applications


Hello team.


In the F5, is it possible to reduce the feeling of slowness when accessing GIS-type applications?


We are aware that for this type of application, with a small TCP window and with many accesses to databases,

 an increase in latency in the transfer of packets greatly penalizes the performance of the application and the user's feeling is very bad.


Therefore I would like to know if in the F5 (caching, compression, acceleration, bandwidth management, etc.) it is possible to perform any optimization regarding access to GIF applications.


Best regards.


Did you test using tcp otimized profiles (tcp-wan for the clientside and tcp-lan for the server side on the VIP)?


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If you have AAM module then you can convirt GIF to PNG format for example:


JPEG-XR comperssion is nice for GIF compression as th other compressions may have the reverse effect: