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Not able to access websites through VIP


Hello Mates,


looking for your help in setting up F5 LTM !


i created a test lab for F5 LTM and trying to configure virtual server to accessing the web sites.

i configured the pool and added web servers(IP only not fqdn) and created VIP to access the pool . everything looks fine and green but i am not able to access the websites using VIP . Although if i directly access the websites then websites are accessible but i am not able to access websites through VIP(Virtual server), i am pretty new to F5 LTM So can you guys please help me to get this fix.







First, you can check basic things like if your VIP and Pool are getting hits. If you are seeing hits under statistics, you can check below points. Also i am considering that you have crated standard type of VIP.


  1. If VIP is having http profile configured.
  2. Whats the gateway of your backend pool member/web-server? If it is not F5 and if you do not have SNAT enabled on VIP then this will cause asymmetric routing issue. To overcome this issue, either change gateway of web-server to F5 or set SNAT option to auto-map on the VIP.
  3. If website is configured on secure ports, make sure proper client and/or server SSL profiles are configured properly.