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Minimal Service Levels in Pool selections


There could probably be better title, but that`s all I could come up with.


I`m trying to set up a VS/Pool for a series of file servers running S3 protocol. I have a total of 10 backend servers, 5 in each of 2 remote sites.


Each site should be "prime" for connections from that site with the other site as a failover. This is easily done with Priority Groups but therein lies my problem. The pool members need to have a minimum of 4/5 nodes active or performance will suffer.


Is there a way that I can fail over to the secondary priority group in the even that the prime group looses 2 (or more) members? I need to really fail the whole group as one, not just add additional nodes to the pool.



You can try other options per my knowledge. Create two pool http_pool1 and http_poo2 with 5 members.

Now you can manipulate the traffic if primary pool(http_pool1) member fail 4/5 node.


Hope below iRule will work...


when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [active_members http_pool1] >= 4 } { pool http_pool1 } else { pool http_pool2 } }

Try and let us know..

That seems simple enough. I'll give it a try and see if it gives me the right result.