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Methods for migration to rseries



I've a recent migration project to rseries, so I'd like to know your experience if anyone has migrated to rseries using journey tool if there is any challenges or errors raised, also if is it recommended or any other way is ok for migration like platform-migrate.




One of the things is that you have to rebuild the device trust as mentioned in and for some basic troubleshooting you can see but as F5OS/VELOS/rSeries are new products better involve F5 PS (professional services) services for your initial migrations as this is something F5 will also recommend to you.




Also outside of that after breaking the trust you can change the hostname of the new devices to be different than the old ones as mentioned in:

Thanks for your reply, I've already talked with F5 support who has suggested to migrate using journey tool.

I already tested sample migration using journey however I was asking if anyone has migrated using it and has faced issues or if someone followed the platform migrate successfully with the rseries as it something which won't be possible to test using VM LAB environment.