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LTM policy URI rewrite


Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone could help me with my issue.


I use LTM policies to redirect URL to the correct pools etc.


I have few policies configured on F5 running firmware v11 and it works perfectly fine:


When end user types in a URL for example: the policy will add additional piece to the URI and redirect the request to a appropriate pool.


I have achieved this by configuring 2x separate rules:


1st rule will check the HTTP-HOST is equal to and HTTP-URI is equal to / If it is, it will do HTTP-REPLY and redirect to /Default.aspx


The aim is to make the URL user friendly so the end user will only type and /Default.aspx will be added by the policy


2nd rule will check the HTTP-HOST again and if it is equal to it will redirect the request to the pool.


As I have said, it works perfectly fine. The challenge I am facing is that I can't get this working on LTM running firmware v13, it looks like HTTP-REPLY option isn't there anymore.


Any ideas?


I don't want to use iRules, needs to be a policy.


Rule1 on v11 (works fine):