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Lose management BIG-IP VE


Hi All,

I have a pair of BigIP VE on VMware vSphere 7.0 U3 and I notice that randomly, even several times a day, I lose the reachability of the management eths.
The only way to restore is to access via VMware WebConsole and execute the command 'service network restart' or from the Virtual Machine setting disconnect and reconnect the eth.

I checked the compatibility matrix ( ) and it seems to be ok having installed the release

also taking the K74921042 ( ) as a reference, I applied the workaround (even if we talk that BIGIP VE may fail to process traffic) and the drivers should be correct:

[root@f5-02:Active:In Sync] config # tmctl -d blade tmm/device_probed
pci_bdf pseudo_name type available_drivers driver_in_use
------------ ----------- --------- --------------------- -------------
0000:03:00.0 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock,
0000:04:00.0 1.4 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock
0000:13:00.0 1.2 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock
0000:14:00.0 1.6 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock
0000:0b:00.0 1.1 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock
0000:0c:00.0 1.5 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock
0000:1b:00.0 1.3 F5DEV_PCI xnet, vmxnet3, sock, sock   

some idea?






@MMarco_77 It seems to me that this is now in F5 TAC territory and would probably be the best route to take. Don't forget to take a new QKVIEW and upload it with your case.


you can check the below article:

ensure that the mac address on the VE is the same for the Vnics on the host platform.


Hi Mohamed, it happened that after upgrading from 13.x release to 15.x Esxi side I changed the Vlan <-> Eth associations, but I fixed it

the strange thing is that I lose the mgnt and i get it back only after running the restart network service or detach/attach the eth from the VM setting


I have this on my  VM network esxi:



Hi Mihaic,

I've this on my VM Network (VMware vSphere 7.0 U3)

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 09.14.21.png