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Issue and Inquiry on AS3 - The deleted pool member still exist after deleting on GUI

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

I first deploy a simple HTTP application using AS3  (with 2 pool members A and B) , then I make a change on GUI to delete a pool member B from the pool , then I make further change [PATCH] using as3, e.g. add a new pool member C  to the pool. However, the last AS3 deployment will revert my change made on GUI (i.e. the deleted pool member will be added back and now there are 3 members (A+B+C)  in the pool, but it supposes to be 2 members only (A and C) .

Is there any parameter/value I can set on AS3 body so that it will not revert the change I made on GUI?




After delete pool member B from GUI, then you also have to remove as3 code for pool member B from AS3 templete. Hope you have done this?

So , it means that any changes made on the GUI wouldn't affect the data/ array of AS3 template (i.e. if we update pool configurations on GUI, we must also update the config via AS3 as well )? 

As after I delete the pool member B on GUI, then I simply add a new pool member C via AS3 directly as follow.


    "op": "add",
    "path": "xxxxxxxx/web_pool/members/-",
"ServerAddress": member C IP } ]