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ISP load balance application



I did an ISP load balance and it worked!
But when I was looking for more applications, I failed ......

Here is my structure :


My requirement is that when my source IP is network segment, I will fix to go to line A, then when line A has problems will change to line B, when line A is restored continue to go to line A, other network segment source IP, go to A or B.

So I created two virtual servers.
Source: Destination: Pool members: A and B
Only A:
Source: destination: pool member: A

After establishing a good find, when the source IP is network segment traffic does hit A hit, but when I close the A line, found that it will not go to B hit ...

Please advise how to solve

Any help is appreciate.



Hi @Paulius ,

Thanks for your reply.
It looks like these links don't have the content I need...

Hi @young19918 , 
What are your configuration look like on Bigip. 

> Do you use irule to make the Source go to Link A ?
> what are the pool configuration in this virtual server :
( Source: destination: pool member: A)

Do you use a pool has only " pool member A " if you do this , it's normal to see this behavior , and you should add pool member B to the pool that attached to " destination:" .

and you use another powerful way without irules to make the connections go to Pool member A , and when it fails connections will go to pool member B.
and when Pool member A returns UP , the Connection will return back to pool member A. 
This Powerful feature called : Priority Group Activation ( PGA ) on pool. 

So now you Plan of action (POA) : 
1) Create pool contains two members ( Pool member A , B ).
2) enable Priority Group activation on this pool , and use this Article :,a%20po....

3) attach this pool to the Virtual server that hosts source ( 
4) Test your implementation , by monitor that all traffic goes to Pool member A and then if Pool Member A disabled/Down , the new traffic will be directed to Pool member B , and if pool member A become up the new connections will go to pool member A again. 

Piece of Configuration : 
1) enable Priority group activation.
2) give Pool member A >>> 10 for example and give pool member B >>> 5 for example.
3) Select Less Than >>> 1 

Test it and let me know 

Mohamed Kansoh