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iRule to restrict access on combinations of URI's / source addresses


Hello !


I've problems to write an iRule that would allow access only to :


  • URI starting with /uri1/... only from datagroup1
  • URI starting with /uir2/... only from datagroup2

All other connections would end up with a 403 Forbidden.


I tried different positive/negative combinations but none of them work... Thanks a lot for your help !





Please try the below, I assume the datagroups you referred are the IP type.


Assume you have 2 datagroups where the whitelisted IP's are present.


  • If Users coming from datagroup1 send requests starting with URI "/uri1/" it will allow.
  • If Users coming from datagroup2 send requests starting with URI "/uri2/" it will allow.

Below are the referenced datagroups that were called in the Irule.


ltm data-group internal datagroup1 { records { { } } type ip } ltm data-group internal datagroup2 { records { { } } type ip }



ltm rule test-jai-uri { when HTTP_REQUEST { if {([class match -- [IP::client_addr] equals datagroup1] && [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/uri1/") || ([class match -- [IP::client_addr] equals datagroup2] && [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/uri2/")}{ log local0. "Success log" HTTP::respond 200 content {200 SUCCESS} } else { log local0. "Failure log" HTTP::respond 403 content {403 Unauthorized} } } }

A tip: you can test any case scenario by just using simple logging and http respond options to know if your irule is working or not. I tested in my env and it works.