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irule to redirect the url to back pools with different ports and URI's


User is suing now server name long with port number to access the webpage. But now they wanted to have userfriendly name like to access the application without using any server name or port number in browser.


Is there any other way than creating each VIP with requesting port number and respective backend server listening on requested port and creating DNS entry with friendly hostname for each URL ?

can we achieve this using single vip or only two VIP with port 80 using iurle ?


1st URL: http://xyz001:8080 - server ip address -

2nd URL: http://xyz001:8088


3rd URL: http://abc001:1008 - server ip address -

4th URL: http://abc001:1085/admin

5th URL: http://abc001:1085/catalog


Please advise


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

The answer is you can, but you need to have a way of referencing the various independent services on the client-side so that a selection can be made on the server-side.


And the server-side responses also need to be updated so that references are consistent.


AskF5 | Manual Chapter: Configuring the BIG-IP System as a Reverse Proxy Server


Also look into the rewrite profile.