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iRULE script for S3 type authentication for local EMC Dell S3 Storage

Hi I request moderators and experts in this group forum to share your knowledge in iRULE scripting. Scenario We have a DELL EMC storage hardware. S3 object type storage (called S3Storage) has been created in this in-house storage system. to access the S3 storage, the credentials are Bucket name - mireport99 User ID - userid01 Password - allmipswd Images stored in the bucket are - Report1.jpg , report99.svg , etc In the F5, we have a VIP configured This VIP is assigned with a member pool by name has all the members / virtual machines which make S3Storage. Question The requirement is that when the following URL&URI is invoked - then the IRULE based on which the VIP behaves; must be able to access with all the S3 authentication done i.e., using Bucket name, User ID and Password, must retrieve the image Report1.jpg to the browser. HOW DO I GET THIS SCRIPTED PLEASE. Thanks and Kind Regards