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Incomplete HWaddress in Dynamic ARP of BIGIP F5


Hi all,


I setup a F5 on VMware and i configured below settings:

  1. Management IP : with Default Gateway :
  2. created Vlan 606 and Tag it with interface 1.1 and i cross checked the MAC address of VM network adapter with F5 interface (Both matched).
  3. created self IP and assigned Vlan 606 to it with IP
  4. Routes: Destination 0/0 and Gateway:
  5. Added one server in (Local traffic -> Nodes) which is showing down (IP: (Monitoring ICMP)


Note: whenever i remove Self-IP, the server comes UP.


The problem is i am unable to get ARP of Self-IP on my FW.

Unable to ping Node from F5


Network - ARP - Dynamic ARP --- Here it is showing me & but in MAC address section it is showing "incomplete"


As i am not getting ARP, Self-IP and Nodes are not able to communicate.


What i suspect is the Media Speed of F5 interface is 10000 , auto

Interface configured on FW with vlan 606 has BW 1000 Mbps.

I tried to change F5 interface media speed to 1000 by using "modify net interface 1.1 media 1000T-FD", it given an error:


"invalid property vlaue "media":"1000T-FD" The requested media is invalid, valid settings are: 10000T-FD, auto. please see SOL14556 for details.



  1. Is the Mismatch of media speed is causing the ARP issue ?
  2. Have i missed some configuration which is causing this ?


Please suggest a solution as i need to get this resolved asap.

I can also show my settings on a ZOOM session, if someone is willing to help.


Thanks in Advance.



Is your SVI or L3 as you are using it as gateway? Is it actually .2 or it is .1?

please cross check same.




Sorry, it was a typo mistake, actually i configured 10208.108.1 as a gateway.


fw01# sh ip

System IP Addresses:

Interface        Name          IP address   Subnet mask   Method 

Ethernet0/0       outside        XXX.XXX.XXX.XX CONFIG

Ethernet0/1.601     inside-01 manual

Ethernet0/1.604     inside-604 manual

Ethernet0/1.605     inside-605 manual

Ethernet0/1.606     inside-606 manual

And where this gateway exist? I mean 108.1




Have you check if Packet Filters is disable on you F5 BIG-IP device ? (Network -> Packets filters) or are you using AFM module ?




did you resolve it? I'm having exactly the same issue.


When the SELF_IP of the F5 is in the SAME VLAN as the servers, it does not respond to anything. (even when the DG is the FW-interface in that VLAN)


ofcourse when you delete the SELF_IP the traffic is now flowing through the mgmnt. (this should be even not possible from security-perspective)