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iControl PFX Upload with PowerShell


Has anyone found a way to import a PFX into the f5 using PowerShell? I am attempting to perform this using the method below but am unable to get the iControl PowerShell snap-in registered.

I see there is now PowerShell module available now instead of using the snap-in, but there are no cmdlets for importing certificates, especially pfx files. Any help is appreciated, as we are trying to automate our certifate renewals. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

ChatGPT is hallucinating an Import-ICRCertificate function in the powershell module that Joel created. I don't know powershell super well, but if you can convert curl to powershell rest commands, you should be able to make this work. Details in this thread will help.

Hi @fullboat1010 ,


Please refer

Using 11.4.1, how do I import a pfx file using iControl/Powershell. In the UI, I navigate to System --> File Management --> SSL Certificate List. Click Import, change the "Import Type" drop down to PKCS 12 (IIS), enter a label for my cert in Certificate (ie: testCert), use "Choose File" to navigate to where I've stored the PFX and select the PFX. Enter the password needed by the PFX file (ie: testpassword) and click import.

I see under icontrol there is a ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file and ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file_v2

v2 is for 11.5 and above. It doesn't work on 11.4. So just ManagementKeyCertificate.pkcs12_import_from_file

I look up the overloads for this and it seems fairly straightforward: void pkcs12_import_from_file(iControl.ManagementKeyCertificateManagementModeType mode, string[] ids, string[] file_names, string[] passwords, bool overwrite)

which I translate to


which blows up with Invalid filename. Filenames may only contain the following characters: [A-Za-z][0-9].-_/"

so I try variations on the filename including setting my location to c:\temp and trying


which gets error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file""



which results in: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory""

sooo...... I guess the crux of my problem is: How do I specify where the pfx to import is located? I've seen a couple other questions with this same problem but they don't have answers... so here's my hat in the ring