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Hyper-V and tagged VLANs at LTM guest limitations?




I have a customer case where I would like to have many VLANs using tagged interfaces at LTM VE guest on Hyper-V. There seems to be limitations on this:


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Setup Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V Deployment says:


"For each virtual machine, the Hyper-V virtual machine guest environment permits a maximum of 8 network adapters" ... "Tagged packets cannot be transmitted from the guest itself. For VLAN tagged packets, configure the VLAN tag on the hypervisor for the specific interface associated with the VE."


Does that mean that with Hyper-V, I cannot have more than 8 VLANs per LTM guest instance? In low-traffic multitenancy environment there there can easily be more than 8 VLANs. To my understanding this is not a problem in vmware? Unfortunately in this case I'm stuck with Hyper-V.


However in MS Technet discussion forum, I found that it could be possible to pass VLAN tagged packets all the way to the guest. Not from the GUI, but configuring with Powershell, see:


Are these limitations real? Has anybody experience/tested the above Technet way?





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I know that within VMWARE as long as you are using VLAN Tagging you can have multiple VLANS tagged to a specific interface. I would test this in Hyper-V. It seems silly that you wouldn't be able to do this in Hyper-V as that is what VLAN tagging is all about...reusing the interface and and segmenting the traffic by VLAN TAG ID