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How to add cert+key+inter+root certificae


Cert+key given same name so it will show under one name


but how do i need to add intermediate+root so that it will show under one line


if not that way when i tried creating ssl profile there i added cert+key and then only i can add is intermediate but not root.. so how can i addd root here?



If I understand correctly you wanted to add root also. I suggest to make one bundle intermediate+root name of CA file.

Example: key: xyz.key

Cert: xyz.crt

Chain: xyz_ca.crt​(intermediate+root)

​Hope requirement will be completed.


How to make a chain?


I am able to make a chain for cert+key but not of root+inetermediate ?

  1. Note: Including the root CA certificate in the bundle is optional and does not affect its functionality.


Yes it is optional but for some systems it is required to have end-entity certificate given to the browser SSL request. All the intermediate certificates need to be present along with the end-entity (server) certificate when receiving the SSL connection request. And for this, we need to group or create certificate bundle as per details given by  .


Hope it helps!

How to chain it ?


Chain: xyz_ca.crt​(intermediate+root)