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How does the BIG-IP process multiple LTM policies on a virtual server?


I have a LTM traffic policy on a virtual server that I use to perform hostname-based routing for 10 different applications. There is a rule for each app, and once there is a match on the hostname, no further rules are evaluated and traffic is forwarded appropriately.


Hypothetically, let's say that instead of using a single policy and multiple rules, I created a new policy for each of the 10 apps, with each policy having only one rule to route traffic for a single app. If a request for App_1 comes through and the hostname matches the rule in Policy_1, would the rules in policies 2-10 be evaluated, or would the evaluation stop similar to what happens with a single policy and multiple rules?


I'd love to hear any thoughts on this. I've been reading through the BIG-IP documentation but I haven't found anything yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂



I beleive all the 10 Policies will be evaluated irrespective of a match found or not. So, keeping all the 10 options under a single policy will be a better approach.

I figured that was the case, but I wanted to verify before splitting up my policy. 🙂