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How do I decrypt pcaps from the selfIP to Pool members for health monitor traffic?


I can apply and irule and decrypt pcaps for a conversation with a cleint to virtual server and the server-side, but cannot find any documentation on how to get the Pre Master Secret keys for a health monitor conversation.


I am not aware of any way but maybe you could enable logging under a pool member and see what you want?

I'm running V14.1.5.1, so to the best of my knowledge "sys db tcpdump.sslprovider" is not available. thanks anyway.


@K2Your best bet is to capture the traffic and save it to a file using the following link.

Once you have the file saved then transfer it to your PC/laptop/server and decrypt the traffic using wireshark and the following link.

I don't believe you can really do this any other way that is clean.

In general good information, but the question is here how to get that key log file information. For a health monitor you don't really seem to have a way.

You can just do curl with the same content. Else perhaps have a look at the server logs?