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Have you already experienced this ? iRule failure


My iRule turns to "failure". It is valid and accepted by BigIP LTM but whenever I run a URL in my favorite Internet explorer site, referring to the iRule, the iRule is marked as "failure" and not executed...


Can you paste the exact error you are seeing in the logs.

I do not have access to the logs!! I just see the a "Failure" flag that marks the execution of the iRule...I will try tomorrow to access the log files. But no clue ? It was working the day before. In the mean time, I tried to set a Data Group which I don't see the connection to...


I just get this :

Feb 4 13:13:56 bigip-h15 err tmm[11583]: 01220001:3: TCL error: /Common/blablacompany_HTTP-HTTPS <HTTP_REQUEST> - invalid command name "/ob_eng/user/login"   while executing "[HTTP::path]"



Hi joyride_us,


Can you share the iRule?