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GTM LTM Virtual Discovery


Hi Team,

I am building a new GTM which is running on version 15 and few LTM which I added under GTM using bigip_add commands and they are running on version 14.. I have also established iquery communication using self IP's. I also have virtual discover enabled but still LTM VIPs are not being auto poplulate..please provide ur suggestions




Please check the below points:

  1. Check that both GTM and LTM are having same big3d.
  2. Check iqdump command output from the GTMs to the LTM.
  3. make sure communication is going through the Self IP and not the management of any BIG-IP device.
  4. the autodiscover feature is disabled if NAT is activated on the LTM, so check whether NAT enabled or not, and if yes, unfurtunately, you will need to make it manually.



Idump command shows configuration details from LTM but GTM under server list doesn't show it.


Are the virtual server configured on the LTMs configured in non default route domain? if yes, you need to check "expose route domain options" when you are trying to discover the virtual servers.



Are the LTM certificates the default self signed ceritificates or signed from a CA? if they are signed, you need to import the CA certificates. Also, make sure to run the big-ip scripts on GMTs and LTM as well.

Check and update us.

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

It's lengthy, but I suggest you start with this article.

K13690: Troubleshooting BIG-IP DNS synchronization and iQuery connections (11.x - 17.x)

Side notes;

- NTP is critical, anything over 30 seconds of skew between devices will cause problems.  This one is easy to overlook.

- If another F5 LTM has the same IP:PORT vs it will conflict and prevent discovery

NTP seems fine, I can see configuration when I run iqdump command but in GUI no details under server list