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GTM - How to make the pool down with one member is down


My WIP has two pools. Each pool has two members. Both members are the pools on another LTM. They have the same IPs but with different ports (443 and 993). How do I make the pool go down when either member is down? 





can you describe it in more details if  i understood correctly

WIP(FQDN) --> pool1(A record ) and pool 2(A Record) --> pool --> two VIPs as member of POOL1 and POOL2 i believe is backup VIP. both are on LB with diffrent port and if one of the VIP goes down then how you make the pool marked down.

Now if both members in POOL1 are working then your resolution will give one of the pool member from same pool.

doesnt seem to be an ideal scenario but is it correct understanding about this setup  ?

Hi Vaibhav, that's exactly right! 

How do I make the WIP not choosing Pool1 for resolution if any member (VIPs on another LTM with the same IP but with different ports) goes down?



I couldn't understand your GTM setup though, but from what I understood, you want to mark down the other pool member ( also, when one of the pool member ( is marked down. You'll have to use the depends on feature on the GTM to do this. The monitoring will understand that it has a depends on to mark it up.

Hi Jiakumar_f5,

Sorry for lacking details in my question...

So my WIP is It has two pools (POOL1 and POOL2). POOL1  has LTM1's two VIPs (VIP1 and VIP2) as members. VIP1 and VIP2 are with the same IP address but with different ports (993 for IMAP and 995 for POP3). 

Right now, we are having issues with the IMAP health monitor on the LTM after the upgrade of the LTM. I have a case open to investigate. The POP3 remains up.  Therefore, the GTM still provides in its DNS response. I want to not give it in the response. 

Hopefully, this is clear. Thanks!