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gRPC load balancing with F5 and nginx

I've a requirement of using gRPC through F5 using nginx at the server level which will convert port 80 to gRPC port (50001). Flow would be like: Client will hit F5 over port 443 which invariably will forward the request to nginx over port 80 which will convert it again over designated port of gRPC (50001). I enabled HTTP2 settings in F5 but application is not responding. Is there any specific setting which i need to do for gRPC at F5 level? nginx is already configured to forward request over port 80 to http2.



So gRPC uses HTTP/2 for server side connection. While troubleshooting further, F5 is converting HTTP/2 request to HTTP/1.1 at server side hence gRPC connection is failing. Any idea if F5 support HTTP/2 at server side?




"Important: The BIG-IP system supports HTTP/2 for client-side connections only. This means that when a client that supports HTTP/2 connects to a virtual server that has an HTTP/2 profile assigned to it, the resulting server-side traffic (such as traffic sent to pool members) is sent over HTTP/1.1."


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Legacy Employee




HTTP/2 full-proxy support was added two years ago with the release of v14.1.0.


More information:





does grpc support in v141.1.0? along with http/2

officially its announced in only v16.x

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

In addition to what has been already posted. You also have gRPC support being added in BIG-IP, starting with v16.1.0.

See K61517014: gRPC Support on BIG-IP 

and also

K08041451: Configure a BIG-IP virtual server for gRPC traffic