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Fan Speed on BigIP 2000 device pls help!


Hi! All

Can someone help fix high fan and noise ?

Sys BigIP 2000 with

Two same systems have same problems

Fan always work at maximum speed at 12K RPM (((( with no overheat and low CPU and etc temps ... 

Chassis Temperature Status
Index Lo Limit(C) Temp(degC) Hi Limit(C) Location
1 0 23 43 Main board inlet IC temperature
2 0 25 59 Main board outlet IC temperatur
3 0 32 65 Power supply #1 meas. inlet tem
4 0 34 59 Main board near power supplies

CPU Status
Index Temp(degC) Fan Speed(rpm)
1 35 11806

Hardware Version Information
Name lop
Type pic
Model F5
Parameters -- --
Boot loader version 1.04
Firmware version 4.08

Chassis Fan Status
Index Status Low Limit(rpm) Fan Speed(rpm)
1 up 1000 12000
2 up 1000 11806
3 up 1000 12200
4 up 1000 12000




@Den-78 I would open a ticket with F5 TAC for this issue.

Hi @Den-78 ,

As @Den-78 mentioned, you have to open a support case in the web portal

Just take in mind that version 11.6 is not supported by F5

So if they request a qkview they going to decline your case and is necessary to upgrade your F5 system, you can find info of how to upgrade your system:

Hope it´s works.

Hi!  Sebastiansierra

I don't think its hardware problems or os bug, fresh install (last for contract) and in test 17.1 )) = same results, all fan at 12K RPM ... (((( In EDU = all hardware test pass, and fan report as in os = 12K ...

I think its "bug" in AOM firmware, now its last 4.08 as i can see 

2 same systems have this problem 

May be some way to control fan ?