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F5 VE in AWS HA config


F5 VE with 2 NICs.

One facing Private and other facing public subnet. (1.0 - Facing Private and 1.1 Public )

(Both Private and Public are RFC 1918 addresses as F5 resides below a NLB in AWS )

Management is through private ip address range .

I could not find a support document to configure HA across multiple availability zones ( 1 VPC with 3 AZs )

Would like to configure the device cluster and config sync only through private subnet.    (with an NLB on top instead of a ELB)



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

HI Shazee, have you tried to do a test deploy of the CFT template we have on our F5 Networks GitHub? The templates currently deploy with single-nic BIG-IP instances when going behind a tier 1 device for autoscaling. Do you have a requirement for 2-nics?

I have a question if they are across az, should they go under elb anyway? Could you handle it directly with elastic ip?

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

If you want across AZ, then we have a few options there too. You can use an AWS LB in front...or you can failover by using the scripts loaded into the BIG-IP VM instances which use the Cloud Failover Extension by F5 for HA.


install docs if doing manual: