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F5 home webpage creation


Hello F5 team,

This is my first post and I'm happy to be with My F5 family 🙂

I'm looking if we can implement an home web page with F5 and put two urls their, and when the end user click on one url he will be redirected to ressources that is already mapped with this URL and via F5

I will explain more, currently we have two services who are accessible through different links ( and ( and they are already configured behind an F5, the goal that we want to implement a new home page with F5 to end user that will be accessible via specific url(ex: and at this page the user will have a choice to click on url 1 or url2 to be redirected to his chosen service


I did this before with an Firewall, but I don't know about F5

Sorry for being very long

Best regards 



This is more than doable quite easily.

Out of interest, do you want your two new web servers as two different IP's or one IP?

Both approaches are possible and have you got DNS records setup or able to be setup for the IP's?

From there we can help you to your goal.


First thank you for your feedback

yes, I have already two web servers with differnet IP address with Configured DNS entries

NB/ sorry for the delay in my response (I replied before but it seems not be published

Best regards,

Hello @PSFIetechTheTek

Do you have any proposal for my request ?