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F5 GTM Subdelegation


I am practicing sub delgeation exercise in the lab, in my DNS server I am delegating subdomain to the F5 devices, current zone file for

$TTL    604800

@       IN      SOA (
                 57     ; Serial
                900     ; Refresh 15 mins
              86400     ; Retry
            2419200     ; Expire
             604800 )   ; Negative Cache TTL

; name servers - NS records
                        IN      NS
                        IN      NS
; name servers - A records         IN      A         IN      A       IN CNAME       IN NS       IN NS  IN      A  IN      A

In the F5 GTM device I created a wideip - - this works returning the relevant A record.

Now I noticed when I created this, a zone was created in zonerunner ""  which creates a default NS/SOA and A record (pointing to

What is the correct process that must be done further? since any NS queries etc which are polled to the GTM respond with ""

- should I update zonerunner with the subdomain zone records, I tried to do this from but adding a second nameserver in the zone failed  (
- or should I create a primary/secondary nameserver on the GTM's for the subdomain?

Thank you in advance



The existing SOA and NS records of the zone under the zonerunner will not be overwritten by the above operations. I recommend you to delete the wideip and then delete zone under zonerunner
Finally, modify the SOA and NS record values of the zone automatically generated by wideip:
modify gtm global-settings general wideip-zone-nameserver
After the above steps are completed, you can create a wideip, and then observe the SOA and NS records whether change to

and create a another wideip, and under the ZoneRunner zone 

its NS and SOA will also be

Tips: low version in GTM, such as V12, wideip create zone default SOA and NS value is F5 hostname