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F5 APM V16.x prefill username on logon form




Any one got this to work on 16.x . I have seen some KB's on previous versions. seems like they have changed it again.

Why oh why do they make it so hard to prefill the username.  You can't prefill unless you make it readonly (WHY). so some JS hack to make it read write. But now it doesn't set all of the right session variables !!!!

I'm using a cookie as a hint to prefill the username. browser is guessing badly - there is only a textbox for the username - click to get to the next box which has the password entry.

I do this as some users are saml connected.


Any one integrated APM with an external login / password forms ?



Have you seen this post where with an iRule a javascript is inserted that gives the username to the web browser?

I hadn't but sounds interesting.

can you point to some code on how I could use js to prefill the username.


But thats very interesting.

Basically load the username into the browser usersession DB and use js to read it from there to fill (pre fill) the username 

Also if it is for internal employees you can try using client side SSL cert and the user to just see his name and to need to enter a password


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