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F5 APM issue new session for new tab




I've an issue with my F5 APM configuration. When i open a connection to my VS (http://url1.test) the APM ask me to login, I'm authenticated all work fine.

But when i open another tab with a different URL (http://url2.test) on the same VS APM ask me to login again, Why?


Why F5 APM doesn't keep my session open ? Do I need Irule or LTM Policy or another check on my APM policy?


Thank's for your answers!


Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee



What version are you working on?

Are you working with different FQDNs for the same service?


Remember that BIG-IP APM has several cookies to identify the session.

These are the most relevant cookies a priori in your case: F5_ST, MRHSession

Also, SSO and/or Multi Domains Configuration could be relevant in your case.


Please check the following article:


  • Each login to the BIG-IP APM system triggers new session cookies and a session ID to be generated.
  • You can configure the following options for BIG-IP APM cookies in the Configuration utility:
    • Access > Profiles / Policies > access profile name > SSO/Auth Domains (BIG-IP APM 13.x and later) 


I hope it helps!

Hi, thanks for your answers. I work on the last version 15 and yes the fqdn are different.

The sso keep session for apm login page too not only credential for the apps behind access profile.?

I will lookup on sso configuration !