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F5 APM Citrix HTML5 Client does not load?

Hi all,


We recently setup F5 Citrix VDI on F5 LTM/APM 11.6.0HF6. For deployment we used the official iApp VDI Template .


When connecting with the Citrix Plugin everything is working fine and the Citrix Desktop is loading. But if we try to connect without the plugin and use HTML5 Client instead after clicking the Desktop icon a new tab opens in the browser but nothing happens then. After a while we see the following error in the browser (IE or Chrome):


Error Citrix Receiver cannot launch app Hide Details Please verify that the ICA connection is available and that the server address is present.

We also did some tcpdump captures and see that the last tcp/https requests from f5 towards the Storefront servers will be sent but no repsonse comming back. After 30-45 sec. we just see some TCP RST comming back from the Storefront servers.


I also found the following article:


But could not find any related logs in /var/log/apm. Any ideas why only the Citrix HTML5 client is not working as expected?


Thanks a lot Regards Thrillseeker



Hi all,


The F5 Citrix VDI deployment guide mentioned the following in the troubleshooting section:


"Users are unable to load published resources when using the HTML5 client There is a known issue when using HTML5 clients with BIG-IP partitions. The issue will be addressed in a future release and can be resolved by creating the associated Citrix client bundle in the BIG-IP common partition (see Creating the Citrix Client Bundle for HTML 5 support on page 51)."


In our setup SF servers will not be replaced by F5 APM so is it really necessary to upload the HTML5 client locally as a new client bundle?


Thanks for feedback Cheers Thrillseeker


Up! Does anyone familiar on this scenario?

Hi all,


After upgrading from 11.6.0 HF6 to 12.1.2 the HTML5 client was working fine.


Cheers Thrillseeker