APM Citrix Client Bundle for StoreFront 2.6 HTML5 Receiver

If you're using Citrix StoreFront 2.6 and following the Citrix-VDI-iApp 2.0.0 deployment guide you may run into a snag while creating the Citrix Client Bundle for HTML 5 support (on page 45).  In StoreFront 2.6 the Citrix HTML5 Receiver is no longer a standalone MSI file but is now bundled into the StoreFront 2.6 executable.  This post will walk you through the process of extracting the HTML5 Receiver MSI to get you past this snag.

  1. Open 7-Zip File Manager (or your prefered product)
  2. Select the CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe file and then Open Inside (Ctrl+PgDn)
  3. Select the Html5Client.zip file and then Open Inside (Ctrl+PgDn)
  4. Select the template folder and the Open Inside (Ctrl+PgDn)
  5. Select the HTML5Installer.msi and Click the Extract button

Now that we have the MSI file you can proceed with the steps in the iApp deployment guide (page 45 if you forgot where you left off).



Published Nov 21, 2014
Version 1.0

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    Page 45 also suggests running "msiexec" from the BIG-IP command line. That should be from your Windows OS cmd line not BIG-IP!