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downgrade to same version shows license error


Hi DevCentral,


We downgraded version to after downgrading we faced following error.

2020 Feb 13 19:52:30 x92lf000qlb02 mcpd[6698]: 01070608:0: License is not operational (expired or digital signature does not match contents).

2020 Feb 13 19:52:33 x92lf000qlb02 logger[24746]: Re-starting named

while downgrading we re-activate the license.

Downgrading to same version doesn't have any sense to reactivate the license but we did this safer side. Does this process is correct or we need to follow any other procedure for downgrade.


click install on Image list "BIGIP-" --> Select appropriate HD which is HD1.1

Activate the new boot location (imply an automatic reboot)


Currently we restored UCS file with version



Just a question, did you re-license the device before performing the action?

If not perhaps attempt this step prior to the down grade

Yes we re-license the device before performing the action



This message occurs when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The license on the BIG-IP system is expired.
  • An upgrade is performed when the Service check date in the license is older than the software version release date.
  • The digital signature for the license does not match the contents, or the BIG-IP license is modified.


Perhaps have a look at the Service check date


Thank You.

Is F5 recommended for downgrading version we need to reactivate the license ?

There are many support documents for upgradation but for downgrade, restoring ucs file is the only good option ?