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deploy f5 with APM for VMware View (VDI)


Hi All


Regard this guide:

I configured IAPP in ver 14.1 with APM solution

The IApp configure 3 vs https, blast UDP 8443, PCOverIP udp 4172

In UDP Virtual servers I see that profile VDI is attached

And for HTTPS in APM policy, we have Remote Desktop profile that use port 443 that go to the Connection server pool 

I want to know what the flow for server side?


Client goes to 443 vs Auth access and go to Connection server with autonat? 

How work Blast to the VDI pool? 

How f5 know what the ip off VDI pool ? from CS? If yes

       Does the f5 APM make a tunnel to VDI? I need only open routing to the VDI pool and allow FW rules from selfip? If yes – the port will change to 22443 or stay with 8443?


When I work with the configuration guide of F5 with APM with connection type use this scenario from VM port list?