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Deleting AS3 application only (not entire tenant)



Is there a way to delete a specific AS3 application within a tenant? i´m using FAST template.

BR Patric




Yes, it is possible to delete a specific AS3 (Application Services 3) application within a tenant using the FAST (F5 Application Services Templates) template. Here's a general outline of the process:

Identify the name or identifier of the AS3 application you want to delete. This information is typically defined in the AS3 declaration or template you used to deploy the application.

Access the management interface or command-line interface (CLI) of your F5 device or controller.

Use the appropriate command or API endpoint to delete the AS3 application. The exact method may vary depending on the version of AS3 and the F5 device or controller you are using.

If you're using the REST API, you can send a DELETE request to the AS3 API endpoint corresponding to the specific application. The API endpoint typically follows the pattern: /mgmt/shared/appsvcs/declare/<tenant>/<app_id>, where <tenant> is the name of the tenant and <app_id> is the identifier or name of the AS3 application.

If you're using the CLI, you may need to use commands specific to your F5 device or controller. Consult the documentation or user guide for the appropriate command syntax. Generally, you would use a command like delete as3 declaration <tenant> <app_id> or something similar. 

It's important to note that the exact steps may differ depending on your specific F5 device, version, and configuration. It's always recommended to consult the F5 documentation or reach out to F5 support for accurate instructions tailored to your environment.

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Hi and thanks for quick reply,

Created application with sending below body to endpoint https://{{bigip-dev_mgmt}}/mgmt/shared/fast/applications


Recived back:

    "message": [
Send DELETE to https://{{bigip-dev_mgmt}}/mgmt/shared/appsvcs/declare/Prod15/c14c58f7-c187-402b-ada9-5fe6b3b29937
Back I got message: "no change" and application still exist.
"results": [
            "message""no change",
    "declaration": {
        "controls": {
suppose i´m doing something wrong?

Are all the applications in the same declaration? I think that when deploying to a custom tenant that is not /Common then you have to use the same declaration and declare all the applications that will be in that tenant.


After that just remove the application in the declaration and deploy again with the remaining applications as AS3 interpreter on the F5 device knows to implement only the declaration changes.



AS3 Configmap: Multiple Apps in Single Partition - Multiple Virtual Addresses


The delete method for me is used to delete tenants or all the AS3 data as shown in: