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Dealing with K82632320: Error message: err tcl_monitor: PID: * (_check_memory_above_limit): worker exceeded memory buffer limit 10 initial memory size * current memory size *



On the BIG-IP4600 (ver that I have set, the following errors appear in large numbers in / var / log / ltm.



/ var / log / ltm logs similar to below error message:


Wed Feb 12 09:43:33 JST 2020 err "BIG-IP's hostname" tcl_monitor PID: 7022 (_check_memory_above_limit): worker exceeded memory buffer limit 10 initial memory size 27.843750 current memory size 37.871094



There is a mail server under BIG-IP and uses "pop_healthcheck" as a health check.

This "pop_healthcheck" is created using the Configuration utility as follows.



ltm monitor pop3 "pop_healthcheck" {

  debug no

  defaults-from pop3

  destination *:*

  interval 5

  password ***

  time-until-up 0

  timeout 16

  username ***





In the F5 literature, this seems to be a known issue, but no action is required.

→ https: //


However, my / var / log / ltm is filled with the same log.

For example, can you increase the initial memory size or prevent this log from being displayed?

help me.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Like what the article K82632320 suggested, the IMAP monitor worker restarts and the system logs a message. You might want to open a support case with F5 Support to see if this same behavior applies to POP3 or if its something else.


Thank you for your advice.

I addressed this issue as follows:

Monitor method: pop3 → tcp (port 110)

It seems that the default pop3 monitor gets the mail list of the specified account.

The list may be too many for my environment.